Pipes Emporium Is Your Source for Kratom

Pipes Emporium Is Your Source for Kratom

Choose from over 30 different strains

Made from the leaves of trees native to Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for pain relief for centuries. Shreveport, LA residents don't have to look far for quality kratom. Pipes Emporium gets its kratom from a trusted dispensary. Feel free to ask us for product information or recommendations.

We're proud to carry...

  • Enhanced and ultra-enhanced kratom
  • Red, white and green strains
  • American-made kratom
  • Kratom extract
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Purchase strains from around the world

Our Kratom selection includes strains native to...

  • Indonesia: Red Bali | Dark Brown Bantuagie | White Indo
  • Malaysia: Red Dragon | Green Malay | Hulu Kapuas
  • South Borneo: Red Borneo | Chocolate Borneo
  • Thailand: Red Maeng Da | Green Maeng Da | White Maeng Da
  • Vietnam: Green Vietnam
Remember, we carry over 30 strains of kratom. Contact us today for the full list.